Posted by Kyle in The ƒ-Hole on 8/31/2017
Foxholes is busy this September supporting both Gloom Balloon & The Host Country's record releases plus the Banned Together: Music For All Ages showcase which aims to remove the unfair & unrealistic age restrictions in the Des Moines music scene.
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Posted by Craig in The ƒ-Hole on 4/5/2017
We just premiered a music video on for our single 'Sunny'.
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Posted by Trevor in The ƒ-Hole on 4/5/2016
We’ll be posting more on our upcoming album in the weeks to come, but first we wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for us to play the Des Moines Music Coalition’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) festival on May 28th.
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Posted by Craig in The ƒ-Hole on 9/28/2015
Foxholes will reunite with The Dawn Drapes and Pets with Human Names for a killer show this Thursday, October 1, 2015.
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Posted by Craig in The ƒ-Hole on 8/27/2015
Our sights are now set on Max Ames Fest, and we could not be more excited to be included in this year’s lineup! Ames has always held significance to our band. It’s where we originally formed, holding our first practices in my concrete bunker of a basement near West and Campus and Thumbs...
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Posted by Foxholes in The ƒ-Hole on 6/6/2015
Welcome to the official Foxholes website. You made it.
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