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Foxholes is staying busy this September supporting three fantastic groups. In the meantime, our new self-titled LP is available to stream on Spotify.

Gloom Balloon Record Release

Gloom Balloon releases Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom Beneath the Stars and the Moon on September 1st with 2 shows at Vaudeville Mews. Glitter Density and Derek Muse Lambert open the 5:30 show. Foxholes and Dustin Smith open the 9:30 show. Gloom Balloon’s Patrick Tape Fleming is a tremendous guy and writes nothing but great songs that make you feel good with lush arrangements that are sometimes gloomy, usually triumphant, always heartfelt, never cheesy, and often accompanied by the soulful Chris Ford of Christopher the Conquered. If this is the last Gloom Balloon album as Tape Fleming has suggested, then this is a historic performance that shouldn’t be missed.

Gloom Balloon Record Release Event Page

Host Country Record Release

Foxholes opens for The Host Country at their album release show September 8th at Octopus College Hill in Cedar Falls. Ty Wistrand and Diana Weishaar of The Host Country are another duo that pays homage to great American songwriters, but their sound is quite different from Gloom Balloon’s. Much like their name suggests, they play only the finest folk rock, Americana and blues with beautiful vocal harmonies. If you still aren’t convinced, Tom Rue, friend of Foxholes, plays bass in the band. Music starts at 9:00.

Host Country Record Release Event Page

Banned Together: Music For All Ages

I Support Music for All Ages in Des Moines is a grassroots organization trying to put an end to a city ordinance that kicks minors out of music venues after 9 PM. On September 29th they are hosting an event called Banned Together: Music for All Ages to rally the local music scene and raise money and awareness. Foxholes, Gloom Balloon, and Markaus will band together to put on this 5:00 all-ages show at the historic Vaudeville Mews.

Banned Together: Music For All Ages Event Page


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