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April is busy month in Foxholes land. Not only have we been getting out and debuting new material, we (I should say Phil Young of Wabi SoundTires, etc. etc. is) are putting the finishing touches on mixing our album! I’ll come back to that in a sec, but first here’s a little rundown of what we’ve been up to this month:

Vaudeville Mews, April 2, with The Host CountryWesterners

This show was an absolute blast. I’ve seen and enjoyed The Host Country (fellow locals) a number of times so it was good to finally get a show together. Kansas City indie rockers Westerners played a great set and were all around great people to chat with after the show. I’d give the night 4 out of 5 High Life’s.

Vaudeville Mews, April 8, with Sires & Chrash

Our friend Dylan Sires of SIRES (the band formerly known as Dylan Sires & Neighbors) asked us on short notice if we’d hop on this show as well as a Cedar Falls show the next day. It’s been quite some time since we’ve played with SIRES and we jumped at the opportunity. SIRES played a killer set, we debuted some new tunes, and Rock Island/Davenport band Chrash became our new friends. Oh and there was a sketchy lady groping peeps and stealing beers but I missed that :(  I’d also give this night 4 out of 5 High Life’s.

Octopus College Hill, April 9, with Tires & Sires

This show was so much fun to play! Craig turned me onto a new a drink (16 oz Smith & Forge with a shot of Fireball mixed in) and I spent way too much money at the bar. Tires blew me away (again) and I’m stoked that they are releasing a record this year. SIRES, as per usual, played a great set and remain one of my favorite bands to see live. They too will be putting out a record this year! I’d give this night a solid 5 out of 5 High Life’s.


1BlueString Benefit Concert at The Maintenance Shop, April 15, with MAIDS & Mississippi Jake

We are playing The Maintenance Shop on Friday April 15th as part of the 1BlueString Benefit Concert alongside MAIDS and Mississippi Jake. The show is a free, all ages event to raise awareness and show support for the 1 in 6 men who experience unwanted sexual advances or abuse in childhood. Kyle and I recently participated in a video promoting the show and raising awareness. It can be viewed here.

Single Release and Album Preview at Vaudeville Mews, April 23, with New Member Charles

Back to that album thing! Yes, we are close to having our final mixes back and then it’s off to be mastered and then to the pressing plant. As such, it will still be a little while before this puppy hits the streets so on Saturday April 23rd we will be playing our album from front-to-back live! We’ll be joined by New Member Charles and both bands are releasing a song from our respective upcoming albums.

We are getting psyched to release new music and some videos in the months to come. Hope to see you on April 23rd!


Trevor / Foxholes


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