Posted by Craig in The ƒ-Hole on 8/27/2015

Holy shit it’s almost September! It’s been an eventful (and an eventfully uneventful) summer. We played a few shows here-and-there, but for the most part we lied low and tightened up new material in anticipation of getting back in the studio (books dated, shibby!). Oh, and Ben got married! The Foxes were in attendance to witness this joyous occasion, and, despite the humidity one would expect from a July afternoon in Iowa, the ceremony (which included a great Game of Thrones reference) and reception were a blast.

Our sights are now set on Max Ames Fest, and we could not be more excited to be included in this year’s lineup! Ames has always held significance to our band. It’s where we originally formed, holding our first practices in my concrete bunker of a basement near West and Campus and Thumbs. It’s where we played our first show outside of Des Moines at DG’s Taphouse, and where Charlie Yokes (now defunct) somehow agreed to pay us $300 after what we now refer to as the Charlie Yokes Massacre in our band (too many car bombs does not make for a good show)...

...back to Max Ames Fest. We are excited to be opening for Max Ames headliner Ex Hex on Friday September 11th at Deano’s along with local faves Annalibera and The Depaysement (from Japan!). The show starts at 9 pm and we’ll be breaking out some new tunes, some old favorites AND some brand spanking new koozies and tees!

Hope to see you soon!



P.S. - We are playing a Max Ames pre-show on Friday September 4th at Lefty’s in Des Moines with Anna G. from Annalibera! The show is from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Koozies will be arriving two days prior so stop on by and check out some great music while protecting your hand from the chilly exterior of a beer can.


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