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Foxholes announce self-titled sophomore album to be released on May 26th on CD/LP/DL — stream and share the first two tracks off the forthcoming album: "Different Kind of Animal" and "Sunny"


"’80s/’90’s alternative rock-inspired music" – Iowa public radio
"doesn’t use its touchstones as crutches…conviction, creativity, and chops to own its sound" – River Cities Reader
"Trevor Holt’s smoky voice occupies a space between Iggy Pop and The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas" – Cityview
"…like every good song at the end of a John Hughes movie…that same sadness and hopefulness…The straightforward, sincere way he puts himself out there is my favorite thing about the band." – Band Bombshell


Streaming single: Foxholes – "Different Kind of Animal"
Streaming single: Foxholes – "Sunny"
Photo credit: Clark Wegner

Members: Ben Barndollar (drums), Craig Bowers (guitar), Kyle Folvag (guitar), Trevor Holt (Vocals + Guitar), Jessica Villegas (Bass + Vocals)

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Foxholes, named for a track off Television’s second album, formed in late August of 2012 through a mixture of pre-existing friendships and well-timed Craigslist ads. The Des Moines 5-piece, set to release their self-titled sophomore full-length on May 26th, specializes in straight-forward lyrical honesty and a blend of garage-rock and post-punk that pulls in influences like The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr., The Strokes and Iggy Pop.

With a seemingly infinite array of guitars and effects pedals buoying a candidly deadpan vocal delivery, Trevor Holt, Jessica Villegas, Ben Barndollar, Kyle Folvag and Craig Bowers have made an album that captures the feeling of being in your mid-twenties in the middle of the United States of America, stuck putting in time at a temp job with no future and struggling to care.

In the album’s first single "Sunny," Holt sings "Ask me how it’s goin’ / I forgot the day, forgot my age, what is this place I’m drifting away to? / Somewhere I’ve never been, getting dark and I could use a friend / Don’t need you to hold my hand, just stay with me til it’s over and it’s my time," as one looking to make sense of things and hoping for a modicum of comfort, even if it’s redundant. "I know what you’re gonna say but I wanna listen anyway."

When Holt sings in the chorus of the opening track "Different Kind of Animal," "I just wanna lose control of everything, everything / Different kind of animal" and the band chants "Too close, stand back / Too late, fuck that," he captures the feeling of being sunk in the quicksand of an endlessly churning gig economy and deciding that your best bet is to steal whatever time you can to enjoy as many moments as possible.

Following the band’s debut full-length Can’t Help Myself, their sophomore release delivers more hooks and the tracks are more expansive, owing to an additional guitar player as well as the result of giving themselves more time in the studio and coaxing contributions from all of the band members. As Holt explains, "We added another member, but the songwriting is also getting more collaborative. ‘Different Kind of Animal’ is song that Kyle brought in, Craig wrote ‘Ludes’ and ‘34’ was built of a bass riff Jessica had that Ben locked into."

With this 10-track album, Foxholes is poised to expand beyond their well-loved Iowa environs, having already received the state’s most sought-after accolades from Daytrotter, Iowa public radio, and the 80/35 and GDP Festivals. Holt explains his influences for the forthcoming album Foxholes:

"After our debut record came out, I was listening to a lot of The Strokes’ second album Room on Fire and The National. I’d cite both of those bands as influences and there are a few lyrics on the album that make references to both bands. Lately, I’ve been listening to The Talking Heads and some Nick Cave, and I’m really looking forward to the new Jesus & Mary Chain album coming out in March. That band was my soundtrack when I was 23."

Foxholes was recorded and mixed by Phil Young at Wabi Sound and mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, and will be out May 26th on CD/LP/DL.


Foxholes track listing:
01. Different Kind of Animal
02. Sunny
03. Thumbs
04. Alligator
05. 34
06. Ludes
07. New Kinds of Trouble
08. In the Afternoon
09. Revelations
10. 200 Cats

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