July 10, 2014
Written by Dave Murphy on IowavesMusicBlog.com

Here are the things I know about Foxholes:

1. Their lead singer is really nice to me on Facebook.

2. I think their drummer works with a friend of mine from high school.

3. They are good at music.

That’s pretty much it. I don’t know if that says more about me or about Foxholes, but they seemed to come from literally nowhere to be one of my favorite acts. I’m not misusing literally, either. They could have morphed in from another plane of existence for all I know. It just seemed like they weren’t here and then *poof* they were. Fully formed sentient beings ready to rock.

They played “Drive” pretty early in their set, but it is my favorite track off their album. If it had come out at a different time in my life, it might’ve been the song that caused me to get into my car and get out of town for a few days. Now, I just listen and reflect. It makes me think of choices I have made to get to where I am right now, both good and bad. I think about the opportunities I have had to leave town for good. Nothing concrete, but just the fact that as a twenty-something year old, my now wife and I weren’t especially tied down.

I was just so happy to have a group of friends and to feel popular for once in my life that I didn’t bother to leave when I had the chance. “Drive” makes me think of the bad times, but the good ones as well. Foxholes used the most of their time and energy. They sounded great live, the right amount of grime and the right amount crispness.

It’s bands like Foxholes who remind me of who I am and where I come from and it’s bands popping up all over the state that reminds me that even if I didn’t get out and see the world, that I made the right choice on where I settled.


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