March 12, 2014
Written by Chad Taylor in Cityview


“Can’t Help Myself”


Foxholes has turned a decent little trick. The band is reminiscent of a lot of other acts without ever feeling wholly derivative. Kicking back and listening to “Can’t Help Myself,” you’ll find yourself conjuring up images of The Replacements and Dinosaur Jr., and front man Trevor Holt’s smoky voice occupies a space between Iggy Pop and The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, but the end result is pure Des Moines pop/rock. For a band that’s less than 2 years old, the group has a remarkable level of confidence in what Foxholes is. Opening track “Washed Out (Shoegazing)” and third track “Tunnel Vision” are both whip smart examples of the band’s pedal-to-the-metal sound, but “Dirty Motels” feels like the track where everything most clearly comes together for the band. There’s not really a downbeat here, though. You could select tracks spin-the-bottle style, and you’re pretty sure to land on a winner. CV

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